Advantages of Gutters vs. No Gutters

Large Pre-Engineered Steel Building Gutter

Are you considering whether or not to add gutters to your metal building? We wholeheartedly believe gutters are a worthwhile investment for both the structural integrity and attractiveness of your building. Here’s why:

Gutters serve the ultimate purpose of diverting water away from your home. This diversion of water is essential during rainy seasons, as water can build up around your house, resulting in erosion, basement flooding, landscaping disasters, mold, and insects.

Concerned about price? Gutters, if installed correctly, can end up saving you a lot of money down the road. As a homeowner, you should do some research and compare the advantages of investing in gutters as opposed to opting for no gutters. We do not want you to have to break the bank paying for repairs for something that could easily be avoided with gutters.

The only real advantage of not having gutters is not having to spend a large chunk of change to have them installed. However, if you opt to not install gutters onto your home, you may find yourself spending a lot more money on home repairs down the road. If the walls and structure of your home start to erode and decay due to water, you will ultimately have to spend a lot to get those damages fixed. Getting rid of pools of water inside your basement or home is also an expensive task. 

As for landscaping disasters, water that flows against your home can splash up dirt on the walls, making your home look dirty and sometimes chipping the paint. The water can also erode the soil around your home, which can cause plants and vegetation around your home to die. It adds up every time you have to clean off or repaint your exterior and every time you have to plant new grass and flowers. You could save money now by going ahead and investing in gutters today.

Not only can water build up around your home cause destruction and wear, it can also lead to mold and an abundance of insects. Mold forms in places full of moisture where it is typically humid and there is not much airflow. If water starts to pool around your home due to the lack of gutter drainage, then it can seep into the walls of your home and sit in the dry-wall for long periods of time, where it then turns to mold. Getting rid of mold is tricky and very expensive. Also, the increased amounts of standing water around your home from lack of gutters is the perfect spot for bugs to settle down and breed. These insects can be annoying and also start to eat at the exterior of your home. Why spend money on a bug man to come out to your house every year when you can just spend money on gutters one time?

Some people who live in metal buildings or have metal roofs may think that they do not need gutters — it is true that metal buildings and roofs can withstand lots of water. Additionally, metal building gutters can be difficult to install, so some people feel it is not necessary to go through the trouble of installing them. 

However, the siding and surroundings of your building still will suffer from all the water that builds up as a result of the lack of gutters. Just like a normal building, insects will be drawn to the excess water around the building, and the soil will start to erode, which kills plants and weakens the building’s foundation. It may be irritating, but it is definitely worth while to install gutters, even if your building is metal.

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