Pest Control Services in Oglethorpe County

Local Pest Control In Oglethorpe County, Georgia

Lodestar Pest Management is a family-owned and operated business that provides integrated pest management techniques to protect your home or business. We know the unique circumstances surrounding our clients’ needs which makes us perfect for you! Hiring local professionals in Oglethorpe County, Georgia will ensure proper treatment of pests at every step while also being mindful about saving money because we understand how costly these things can get.

Local Pest Management in Oglethorpe County, Georgia

Pest control is a crucial part of life in the South. When you call us, we’ll make sure your home or business remains free from pests all year long with our Oglethorpe County, Georgia pest inspection and elimination services that include termites, fire ants, rats & mice cockroaches bed bugs wildlife removal. We service both residential clients as well as large businesses so let’s talk about what happens next by calling today!

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Bed Bug Eliminations In Oglethorpe County GA

The worst nightmare of every homeowner is having bed bugs crawling all over them while they sleep. Get rid of your pest problem for good with Lodestar’s expert Bed Bug Elimination services!

Mosquito Control In Oglethorpe County GA

Mosquitoes are pesky insects that can ruin your day with itchy bites. They also carry diseases, which is why it’s important to get rid of them ASAP! Our team of Mosquito Control experts is standing by to help!

Roach Control In Oglethorpe County GA

Cockroaches are the most common type of pest in America. We have experts who will help rid it once for all with a pest control treatment that works wonders against these vile creatures.

Termite Control In Oglethorpe County GA

Termites are not your friend, they’ll eat the whole home if you let them. Our termite control services prevent this from happening with an expert team ready to take care of any problem before it gets out of hand.

Ant Control In Oglethorpe County GA

This type of pest is usually in the thousands and they can invade your yard without hesitation. Our team of Ant Control experts at Lodestar Pest Management has the expertise to intervene.

Rodent Control In Oglethorpe County GA

Rodents are everywhere and they’ve got some serious consequences on our health, but there is help for those who need it! Lodestar can rid your house of these vermin and your family feel comfortable again.

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Moisture & Fungus Control IN OGLETHORPE COUNTY GA

Moisture problems in the crawl space of your home or office can lead to wood destroying mold and mildew growth – plus it is bad for your health. The humid environment of Georgia contributes to this problem.


The best way to get rid of spiders in your home is by getting rid of other bugs. Spiders are natural enemies that will help keep the population down and make sure you don’t have any more pests for yourself!

How It Works

Lodestar Pest Management will send out a qualified pest control specialist who will look over your entire property looking for different types of pests including ants, mosquitos, termites, and more. After evaluating your unique pest control needs we will develop a specialized treatment plan. Then we will treat the interior and exterior of your home and property. We are confident in our ability to keep you pest free, year-round!


Lodestar Pest Management does not charge extra money upfront, unlike many pest control companies. This will save you money on up-front costs!



Both monthly and quarterly visit schedules are available to you. We will be able to ensure your home and property remains pest free all year long!



We believe in doing the job right from the start. Our exceptional customer service ensures you will be happy with Lodestar’s services from day one.

Personalized Pest services 

You can choose to receive all of our pest control services for one low monthly rate or pick and choose with an a la carte services menu. This ensures you always get the pest control service you require for your home and property.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We take great pride in a job well done. Many of our satisfied customers have taken the time to write about their experience. Here is what Eric and Jill wrote regarding their experience with Lodestar Pest Management!

Eric and Jill Boyd

LPM sets the bar for the quality of service, professionalism, and courtesy. They stand by their work, and offer solid advice to their customers; including them in their pest management and giving them unmatched peace of mind. I trust them in my home and around my family with the utmost confidence. If you want the pest problem solved, look to the Star!

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